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Study Shows Chiropractic Care Begins to Immediately Improve Chronic Back Pain

Study Shows Chiropractic Care Begins to Immediately Improve Chronic Back Pain: Even When Pain Has Been Present For More Than A Year!


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September 2019

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Chiropractic Improves Chronic Back Female With Back Pain  Pain Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181


"The aim of this study was to compare short-term effects of a side-lying, thrust spinal manipulation (SM) procedure and a non-thrust, flexion-distraction SM procedure [Cox flexion-distraction table] in adults with subacute or chronic low back pain (LBP) over 2 weeks."

"The majority of the participants (90%) reported chronic LBP with the current episode lasting for more than three months and 62% had LBP lasting for more than 1 year."


"Adjusted mean RMDQ [Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire] and pain intensity at week 3 was not different between the two SM [Spinal Manipulation] groups, but both SM groups had significantly lower scores than the wait list group."

Man With Low Back Pain Chiropractor Windsor Prahran 3181 Dr Nathan Jenner

Key Concepts:

When people suffering with low back pain do not address the underlying causes (segmental spinal joint restriction, inflammation, deconditioning), but instead simply try to mask the symptoms with medication, the low back pain can often become chronic.

Even after months or years of suffering with chronic low back pain and months or years of failed attempts to mask the pain with medications, starting chiropractic care to address the underlying causes can have immediate benefit both in terms of pain reduction and increased functional abilities.

Middle Aged Man Chiropractic Helps Chronic Back Pain - Study Chiropractic Windsor Prahran 3181 Dr Nathan Jenner

Key Take Home Points:

The unique effectiveness of chiropractic care lies in the unique ability of chiropractic adjustments/SMT to restore proper segmental joint motion by gradually and incrementally breaking up scar tissue adhesions, resolving inflammation, and restoring proper neuromuscular function and spinal fitness – no drug, surgery, or modality can do this!

When spinal fitness and reconditioning exercises and omega-3 and vitamin D are added to chiropractic SMT/Adjustments this represents the most evidence-based, most effective spinal health care protocol available.

Lumbar Vertebrae Discs  Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181

There is simply no better, quicker, safer, or more cost-effective way to restore segmental motion, resolve inflammation, restore neuromuscular function, and restore and maintain spinal health, fitness, and comfort.

Get and keep your spine healthy, functional, and comfortable with chiropractic care – it’s never too late!


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