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Exercise Better Than Drugs!


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September 2019

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"Across all four conditions with evidence on the effectiveness of exercise on mortality outcomes (secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, rehabilitation of stroke, treatment of heart failure, prevention of diabetes), 14 716 participants were randomised to physical activity interventions in 57 trials. No statistically detectable differences were evident between exercise and drug interventions in the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and prediabetes. Physical activity interventions were more effective than drug treatment among patients with stroke."

Exercise More Effective Than Drugs Chiropractor Windsor Prahran St Kilda South Yarra Melbourne 3181

What You Need to Know:

Exercise is not a treatment for chronic illnesses or to prevent early death, exercise addresses one of the most significant underlying causes contributing to virtually every chronic illness and early death - lack of exercise. Exercise is a genetic requirement for humans to express health and those who don't exercise live worse, shorter lives - period.

"Randomised controlled trials have shown similarly favourable findings in arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses, among other chronic conditions. Large scale observational studies have also established a clear association between exercise and all-cause mortality."

"The Global Burden of Disease study has recently ranked physical inactivity as the fifth leading cause of disease burden in western Europe, and as one of the top modifiable risk factors along with smoking."

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What You Need to Do:

Recognise these 4 FACTS:!

1. Exercise is free and you do NOT have a piano tied to your bottom.

2. You DO have time to exercise - if you don’t make time for exercise you will have to make time for sickness.

3. If you don’t exercise every day you have less energy, you are less attractive, you are a worse role model, your quality of life is worse, you are in the process of dying early, your moods are worse, your sex drive is lower, you are sleeping less well, and you are more susceptible to virtually every chronic disease than if you do exercise.

4. You are capable of daily exercise and, when you do, you will REAP HUGE REWARDS!!

Lack of exercise is not due to lack of physical ability or laziness; it is due to lack of self-control fitness. It does not matter if you like exercise, you can learn to either like it, or to do it anyway because it is so important. What you need is to develop your level of self-control so that you can do what you know you should.

Focus on creating the mental fitness first not the physical fitness. Start slow and progress slowly. What is most important is IF you exercise every day not HOW or HOW MUCH you exercise every day. Commit to going for a walk, no matter how short or far, every day for 30 days in a row. Build the habit first, build the mental/self-control fitness first, then begin to work on the physical fitness.

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