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New Landmark Study Shows Chiropractic Improves Brain Recruitment and Control of Muscles


A Natural Connection September 2017

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Chiropractic Brain Recruitment and Muscle Control Prahran Windsor Dr Nathan's Chiropractic Studio

Haavik, H. et al. Impact of Spinal Manipulation on Cortical Drive to Upper and Lower Limb Muscles. (2017). Brain Sciences 7 (2).


"Scientists used to believe spinal manipulation was [just] a biomechanical treatment option for spinal pain conditions. However, the growing basic science evidence suggests there may be more of a neurophysiological effect following spinal manipulation than previously realized."

"Taken together, these findings suggest that spinal function and/or movement has a significant impact on central cortical processing that improves the accuracy with which the brain is aware of limb position and alters the way the brain controls upper and lower limb movement patterns."

"Spinal manipulation may therefore be indicated for the patients who have lost tonus of their muscle and/or are recovering from muscle degrading dysfunctions such as stroke or orthopaedic operations and/or may also be of interest to sports performers."

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Key Concepts:

Chiropractic care, in rigorous research studies conducted by eminent neurophysiologists in labs around the world, has been shown to improve body position sense, balance, coordination, strength, and functional abilities/performance.

Vertebrae Spinal Movement Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Prahran Windsor

These documented benefits are unique to chiropractic; no drug, passive physical therapy, or surgery has ever produced such results.

The reason chiropractic is so uniquely beneficial is simple. Segmental spinal motion is a key component of the essential neuromuscular sensory input required by the brain to properly coordinate muscle and limb movements.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) represents deficient segmental motion and thus deficient essential neuromuscular sensory input to the brain. Chiropractors are the only experts trained to detect and correct VSC by restoring segmental motion.


Key Take Home Points:

Garbage in equals garbage out. VSC represents deficient segmental motion which results in pain and stiffness and to garbage sensory input into the brain. This garbage input results in garbage motor control output which leads to loss of functional abilities such as loss of strength, balance, and coordination. Together this pain and loss of function cause significant decreased quality of life.

Chiropractic adjustments restore segmental motion which results in quality sensory information in and quality motor control information out. Comfort, functional abilities and quality of life improve as a result. It's not complicated but it explains why chiropractic is so uniquely effective and beneficial.

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