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Restricted, Inflamed Joints Cause Altered Sensory Input Into Brain & Altered Brain Function

Restricted, Inflamed Joints Cause Altered Sensory Input Into Brain that Leads to Altered Brain Function Affecting Pain Perception, Moods, and Stress Levels


A Natural Connection

February 2021

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Researcher Working On Brain Images Chiropractic Neuroscience Back Pain Neck Pain Melbourne Windsor Prahran 3181
Researchers Discovering Links To Brain Changes From Poorly Functioning Spinal Joints


"Injury to musculoskeletal structures, richly innervated with mechanoreceptors, chemoreceptors and nociceptors, alters sensory output [into the brain]."

"The altered sensory output contributes to functional changes in sensory perception, tactile acuity, pain thresholds and joint position sense."

"Neurophysiological effects of Manipulative Treatment may also help renormalize properties and organisation in cortical sensorimotor areas and impact the autonomic nervous system."

"There is an emerging body of evidence that demonstrates that in addition to local peripheral injury and dysfunction, neuromolecular, structural and functional changes occur across the Central Nervous System (CNS) in subjects with chronic musculoskeletal disorders and in chronic pain/inflammatory syndromes."

"Autonomic imbalance, with an increase in sympathetic activity and a decrease in parasympathetic activity, [i.e. increased stress hormones] has been demonstrated in subjects with chronic LBP and neck pain."

Man With Back Pain
Back Pain Causes Physiological Changes In The Brain

Key Concepts:

"Traditionally treatment for chronic MSD has been anchored in a biomedical model based upon the paradigm that peripheral structural injury/dysfunction is the sole driver of pain and disability. Treatments based upon a biomedical model fail however to describe, predict and treat chronic MSD effectively."

The outcome goal of relieving pain with drugs or physical therapy modalities, the biomedical approach, has proven not only clinically ineffective, but scientifically implausible.

As chiropractors have been saying (and doing) for over 125 years, the outcome goal must be to restore segmental motion in order to resolve inflammation and scar tissue, and to restore proper sensory input into the brain in order to restore proper brain output to the body.

Chiropractor With Patient Neck Pain
Returning Normal Spinal Movement Is Key

Key Take Home Points:

Pain is an EFFECT, not a cause. Pain is NOT the problem; pain is the indicator that you have a problem. The problem is restricted, inflamed joints which lead to altered sensory input into the brain which leads to changes in brain function, brain perception, and brain output.

Address the cause with chiropractic adjustments/spinal manipulation! Get the joints moving and restore proper sensory input, brain perception, and brain output!


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