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Research Shows Healthy Lifestyle Adds Years to Life and Unhealthy Lifestyle Subtracts Years from Life


Living the Innate Lifestyle™

May 2019

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Manuel, D.G. et al. (2016) Measuring Burden of Unhealthy Behaviours Using a Multivariable Predictive Approach: Life Expectancy Lost in Canada Attributable to Smoking, Alcohol, Physical Inactivity, and Diet.





"For the 2010 Canadian population, unhealthy behaviour attributable life expectancy lost was 6.0 years for both men and women."


"The Canadian life expectancy associated with health behaviour recommendations was 17.9 years greater for people with the most favourable risk profile compared to those with the least favourable risk profile (88.2 years versus 70.3 years)."


"Behaviours such as smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity, and unhealthy alcohol consumption are leading risk factors for death."




What You Need to Know:


When it comes to determining your health, your quality of life, and your life expectancy, there is nothing more important, more powerful, or more in your control than your lifestyle choices


There is nothing more important than your health, quality of life, and quantity of life years in determining your ability to fulfil the meaning of your life. Thus, the quality of your lifestyle choices are the greatest determinants of the quality, duration, and fulfilment of your life.




What You Need to Do: 


You need to accept the undeniable truth that any activity that you regularly engage in that is proven to worsen your health, worsen your life, cause disease, and shorten your life has to be admitted to be what it really is - self harm. Similarly, refusing to engage in activities such as daily exercise, healthful eating, self-love, love of others, and positive attitudes such as optimism and gratitude must also be seen as self harm.


You are too important and too precious not to take care of yourself. You deserve health and happiness. If you are unsure of what represents healthy and/or unhealthy lifestyle choices, or if you are struggling to refrain from unhealthy lifestyle habits and/or to regularly engage in healthy lifestyle habits, you need access to information and resources.


I deeply believe that everyone would benefit from reading my book 'Live Right for Your Species Type' and/or enrolling in my Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® On-Line Innate Lifestyle Plan. Please ask your practitioner or visit for more information.



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