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Study Shows Chiropractic Adjustment/Manipulation and Exercise Better Than Exercise Alone for Leg Pai

Back and Leg Pain Prahran Windsor Melbourne 3181

Happy New Year! We are back on deck for 2019! As part of this year’s campaign to continue to share some of the latest research around spinal and overall health, our chiropractor from Dr Nathan's Chiropractic Studio is encouraging residents in Prahran Windsor and South Yarra to seek help for back pain, leg pain/sciatica from disc herniation. This edition is about a study looking at the effectiveness of Chiropractic and exercise as a treatment option. The results are quite outstanding and speak for themselves. Enjoy.


A Natural Connection

January 2019

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"Most patients with back related leg pain are treated with prescription medications and injections, although little to no evidence supports their use." "Surgical approaches are also commonly applied, although there is only some evidence for short-term effectiveness [quicker, but less relief of pain which does not last] compared with less invasive treatments."

"Concerns are mounting about the overuse, costs, and safety of these conventional medical treatments." "Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), exercise, and education promoting self-management are increasingly recommended as low-risk strategies for the treatment of back related leg pain."

Disc Herniation Treatment Chiropractic Chiropractor Windsor Prahran Melbourne 3181


"At 12 weeks, 37% of patients receiving SMT plus HEA (home exercise and advice) had at least a 75% reduction in leg pain, compared with 19% in the HEA only group. Twenty percent of patients receiving SMT plus HEA had a 100% reduction, compared with 5% in the HEA group."

"For patients with back-related leg pain, spinal manipulative therapy plus home exercise and advice was more effective than home exercise and advice alone."

Exercise Class Chiropractic Windsor Prahran 3181

Key Concepts:

The available drug, injection, surgical, and physical therapy treatments for herniated disk and "sciatica" or back-related leg pain are clinically ineffective and the dangerous adverse effects associated with drugs, epidural glucocorticoid [cortisone] injections, and surgeries are well documented.

This study shows a tremendous clinical advantage from adding chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy to exercise in comparison to exercise alone.

Chiropractor Adjusting Treating Patient Windsor Prahran Melbourne 3181

Key Take Home Points:

Chiropractic adjustment/SMT is proven to be safer, more effective, and more cost-effective than any other treatment alternative.

Evidence-based healthcare is in the best interest of patients, of the public, and of third-party payors. The evidence is clear, chiropractic represents the most evidence-based spinal healthcare option and disseminating this fact is in the public interest.

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