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Supplementation with Vitamin D Prevents and Treats Depression

Supplementation with Vitamin D Prevents and Treats Depression: Benefits Require Supplementation with Sufficient Amounts


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March 2021

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Vitamin D and Depression


"A meta-analysis of all studies without flaws demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in depression with Vitamin D supplements."

"Vitamin D supplementation (>800 I.U. daily) was favorable in the management of depression in studies that demonstrate a change in vitamin levels, and the effect size was comparable to that of anti-depressant medication."

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What You Need to Know:

"Depression affects 350 million people worldwide, is the leading cause of disability and the fourth-leading cause of the global disease burden [this has WORSENED with pandemic]."

"However, the effectiveness of conventional treatments for depression is questioned: meta-analyses of drug treatments demonstrate minimal difference from placebo [and serious side-effects], comparisons of real and sham electroconvulsive therapy show little difference after a month, and the evidence for the use of specific cognitive interventions is weak."

"Vitamin D modulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, regulating adrenalin, noradrenaline and dopamine production through VDRs in the adrenal cortex; and protects against the depletion of dopamine and serotonin centrally. Therefore, biological plausibility for the action of Vitamin D in depression has been established."

"Epidemiological evidence shows that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an 8%-14% increase in depression and a 50% increase in suicide."

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Innate Choice Vitamin D


What You Need to Do:

You need to ensure sufficient daily intake of vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids, another essential nutrient that research shows can both prevent and treat depression.

Innate Choice® OmegA+D Sufficiency™ provides sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids and also the perfect synergistic amounts of Vitamins A+D. There is no other product that combines Omega-3 fish oil, cod liver oil with Omega-3 and Vitamins A and D, and extra Vitamin D to provide all these essential nutrients together, in the perfect combination, in the ideal amounts.

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