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Study Shows Chiropractic SMT/Adjustments Most Effective for Adolescent Low Back Pain: and Benefits T


A Natural Connection

October 2019

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Teenagers Back Pain Study Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181


"In fact, research has shown that LBP develops with increasing frequency in adolescence, with prevalence rates reaching that of adults by the late teens. Importantly, adolescent LBP has been shown to be a strong predictor of adult LBP, which may have important negative implications for the lifetime course."

"For adolescents with chronic LBP, spinal manipulation combined with exercise was more effective than exercise alone over a 1-year period, with the largest differences occurring at 6 months."

"Longitudinal profiles significantly favoured SMT + ET [exercise therapy] vs ET alone for disability, improvement, and satisfaction over the long term."

Teenagers Back Pain Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner (Chiropractor) Prahran Windsor 3181


"Interestingly, in contrast to the ET alone group, the SMT + ET group continued to experience decreases in LBP severity after the end of treatment resulting in larger long-term group differences. The continued reduction in LBP severity may be due to the different, but related, underlying mechanisms of action targeted by SMT and ET that seem to be complementary."

Key Concepts:

Children suffer with low back pain and other spine-related and neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction for the same reasons, and almost as commonly, as adults

Children sit and use their cell phones with chronic unhealthy postures, carry backpacks, have sports traumas and other traumas, and fail to move their spinal joints through a full range of motion on a daily basis as much or more as adults.

Research is clear, children develop scar tissue adhesions, lose proper joint mobility, and develop inflamed, deconditioned joints and pain as much as adults and thus require chiropractic segmental care to resolve these issues.

Basketball Teenagers Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Prahran Windsor 3181

Key Take Home Points:

Chiropractic adjustments/SMT restore proper segmental joint motion by gradually and incrementally breaking up scar tissue adhesions, resolving inflammation, and restoring proper neuromuscular function and spinal fitness – no drug, surgery, or modality can do this in adults or children!

Leaving these segmental joint problems unresolved in children not only makes them less healthy and less comfortable, it predisposes them to a lifetime of spine-related health problems.

Make sure your children get a chiropractic spinal health exam and ensure they get the evidence-based, effective chiropractic care they need.


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