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OmegA+D Sufficiency - The Best D-Fense Against Cold and Flu Season


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November 2017

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Cold & Flu Omega 3 Vitamin D Chiropractic Dr Nathan's Chiropractic Studio Prahran | Windsor 3181 Melbourne


"In the group taking 2000 IU/day of Vitamin D3 the incidence of colds and flu was reduced by almost 100% (only 1 of 104 subjects developed cold or flu)."

"In the present study, it was observed that fish oil supplementation improved the immune system by increasing the functioning of neutrophils, the proliferation of CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes and the production of lymphocyte cytokines." [Fish oil supplementation significantly improved the function of the immune system].

"Vitamin D dramatically up-regulates the genetic expression of antimicrobial proteins (AMPs) in immune cells of the innate immune system [the part of the immune system that immediately attacks and kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi]."

Vitamin D Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor Melbourne


What You Need to Know:

Your immune system cannot function properly and protect you against the cold and flu viruses without sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids and the proper synergistic amounts of vitamin D3 and vitamin A.

The reason cold and flu incidence increases in winter is due to reduced sunlight and thus reduced levels of vitamin D production. You cannot get sufficient amounts of vitamin D without supplementation and without sufficient amounts you are much more susceptible to cold and influenza (flu) infection.

Omega 3 Vitamin D Chiropractic Prahran Windsor Melbourne Dr Nathan Jenner


What You Need to Do:

You need to supplement daily with OmegA+D Sufficiency which provides sufficient amounts of omega-3 and sufficient, synergistically balanced amounts of vitamins D and A. There is simply not a more effective or more evidence-based way to protect yourself against cold and flu!

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