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Landmark Research Shows Chiropractic 2700% More Effective than Medical or Physiotherapy Care

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A Natural Connection March 2017

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"Compared to family physician-directed usual care [prescription drugs from physicians, referral to physiotherapist and/or kinesiologist and/or massage therapist], full clinical practice guideline-based treatment including chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy is associated with significantly greater improvement in condition-specific functioning."

"The primary outcome of interest involved the mean change in Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire (RDQ) score between groups at 16 weeks. As shown in table 4, condition specific improvement clearly favoured the SC group [clinical based guideline group with Chiropractic care], with mean RDQ improvement scores of 2.7 in the SC group compared with only 0.1 in the UC group [usual physician directed care group]"

Disc Herniation Plastic Model Chiropractor Windsor Prahran Melbourne 3181

Key Concepts:

There is just no more debating the fact that chiropractic care is the best available spinal health care option.

The problem is that medical doctors, physiotherapists, insurance companies, and health agencies either don't know or won't admit this fact. As the authors of this study point out, "Multiple studies have demonstrated a poor correlation between what primary health-care providers think is an effective treatment and what has actually been shown to be an effective treatment."

Back Pain Chiropractic Windsor Prahran 3181 Melbourne

Key Take Home Points:

Chiropractic represents the most evidence-based, most effective, and most cost-effective spinal health care intervention - period - no debate.

Anybody who says otherwise has simply not read the literature or is deliberately misleading you.


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