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Beat the Winter Blues - and Colds and Flus!


Living the Innate Lifestyle™

December 2017

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"Here, we propose mechanisms by which serotonin synthesis, release, and function in the brain are modulated by vitamin D and the 2 marine omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)."

"We propose a model whereby insufficient levels of vitamin D, EPA, or DHA [omega-3 fatty acids] would lead to dysfunctional serotonin activation and function and may be one underlying mechanism that contributes to neuropsychiatric disorders and depression."

"This model suggests that optimizing vitamin D and marine omega-3 fatty acid intake may help prevent and modulate the severity of brain dysfunction."

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What You Need to Know:

In last month's newsletter you learned how deficient intake of omega-3 and vitamin D reduces immune function and increases susceptibility to colds and flu. You also learned that research shows that supplementation to become sufficient significantly improves immune function and decreases susceptibility to colds and flu.

Now you also know that these same essential nutrients (omega-3 and vitamin D) are required for proper serotonin levels and proper brain function and that deficiency results in neuropsychiatric disorders including depression.

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What You Need to Do:

You need to supplement daily with OmegA+D Sufficiency which provides sufficient amounts of omega-3 and sufficient, synergistically balanced amounts of vitamins D and A. There is simply not a more effective or more evidence-based way to protect yourself against cold and flu!

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