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Insurance Data from Hundreds of Thousands of Patients Shows Superior Benefits, Reduced Costs, and Su


A Natural Connection

June 2019

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Insurance Shows Superiority Back Pain Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181


Patients were 75-90% less likely to have short, or long-term exposure to opioids if the first provider they saw was a chiropractor compared to if first provider was a medical doctor – and the outcomes for the patients were better!

There was a direct inverse relationship between percent of cases that involved manipulation and percent of cases that involved an opioid.

Piggy Bank Stethoscope Chiropractic Costs Less Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181


There are large financial barriers in the form of copayments standing in the way of receiving chiropractic care and other conservative care that is preventing patients from receiving the most evidence-based care, the most effective care, and the most cost-effective care.

This is costing insurance companies huge amounts of money and they realise that the only solution is to encourage more use of chiropractic care and other conservative interventions and less use of medical care, drugs, injections, and surgery.

Key Concepts:

Insurance companies have, by an exponential margin, the largest amounts of data from real clinical encounters regarding the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and safety from all interventions for low back pain and other spinal health issues.

Unlike small studies with small numbers of highly selected patients, often in artificial settings that don’t reflect clinical practice, insurance data is from real clinical practice and real-life patients. Insurance data is the best data to determine what works in the real world.

Doctors Health Outcomes. Insurance Chiropractic Less Medication Use Dr Nathan Jenner Prahran Windsor 3181

Key Take Home Points:

The results of this study indicate OVERWHELMINGLY clinical superiority of chiropractic thrust manipulation vs usual medical care or acupuncture.

When the biases are removed, when the barriers to receiving care are removed, and when real life data from millions of real patient encounters are analysed, the picture becomes very clear.

The more that chiropractic care is utilised instead of medical care, the less opioids, less surgeries, less other drugs and the less any other medical procedures are ever utilised or required - and the less cost, better outcomes, and better safety!

Science just keeps pointing to the same conclusion: chiropractic adjustment/manipulation is the most evidence-based intervention available. Now that insurance companies have unequivocal evidence that the more their clients utilise chiropractic services the more money they will save and the quicker their clients will get better, they are moving toward strategies to encourage greater use of chiropractic – finally!

Lumbar Vertebrae Discs  Chiropractic Dr Nathan Jenner Chiropractor Prahran Windsor 3181

Chiropractic is not based on magic or placebo or faith, chiropractic is based on the irrefutable science regarding the central importance of segmental motion to spinal health and function.

It's simple, no proper segmental motion, no proper tissue and neurological health and function, no proper healing. Segmental motion is EVERYTHING - and chiropractic delivers!


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