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Large Study Shows Back Surgery Ineffective and Harmful

October 26, 2018



A Natural Connection October 2018

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Nguyen, et al. (2011). Long-term Outcomes of Lumbar Fusion Among Workers' Compensation Subjects: A Historical Cohort Study. Spine 36(4): 320-331




Only 26% of those who had surgery returned to work within 2 years. A full 67% of those who did not have surgery [for the same diagnosis] did return to work within 2 years.


36% of surgeries resulted in significant complications and 27% of those who had surgery had to have at least one further surgery due to severe symptoms/complications.


The chances of permanent disability was 500% greater in those that had surgery compared to those who did not have surgery for the same diagnosis.


Daily opioid use increased 41% after surgery and 76% of surgical patients continued opioid use after surgical recovery.







"Conclusion. This lumbar fusion for the diagnosis of disc degeneration, disc herniation, and/or radiculopathy in a Workers' Compensation setting is associated with significant increase in disability, opiate use, prolonged work loss, and poor return to work status."



Key Concepts:



Surgery has far less evidence than chiropractic care, is far less clinically effective than chiropractic care, is exponentially more expensive than chiropractic care, and is exponentially more harmful than chiropractic care.




Key Take Home Points:


Surgery cannot restore proper segmental motion to the spine. In fact, most back surgeries attempt to permanently fuse segments of the spine in order to permanently eliminate segmental motion. There has never been a shred of evidence that segmental motion was the cause of spinal pain or dysfunction nor a shred of evidence that fusing the spine is effective. Yet, every year more spinal fusions are performed in patients who have never even had a trial of safe, effective, inexpensive chiropractic care.



Think of the human and economic costs of back surgeries and how

 much of this suffering and expense could have so easily been prevented with chiropractic care. Our mission is to prevent as much suffering and expense as we can. We need your help. Please help us help others by sharing this information. Thank you.


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