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The BioLOGICAL Laws of Lifestyle and Health (or Illness). Pt 1


Living the Innate Lifestyle™ September 2018

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Chestnut, J.L. Living Right for Your Species Type: The BioLOGICAL Wellness and Prevention Solution. TWP Press. Victoria, B.C. Canada 2017

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*Over the next few months I am outlining 'The 10 BioLOGICAL Laws Determining Healthy Habitat and Lifestyle Choices' from Dr. Chestnut's book 'Living Right for Your Species Type. Understanding and applying these laws is the single most effective thing you can do to get and stay well and to prevent chronic illness.



The 10 BioLOGICAL Laws Determining Healthy Habitat and Lifestyle Choices

1. "State of genetic expression determines state of health and illness (genetic expression is which specific genes are being expressed or which genetic recipes are being used to create states of structure and function and/or health and illness at any given time)."

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2. "There is a direct causal relationship between habitat and lifestyle choice and state of genetic expression. Which genes you are expressing is determined by your habitat and lifestyle choices. States of health and illness are the genetic expression of habitat and lifestyle choices."


What You Need to Know:

Your state of health changes throughout your lifetime. You can be sick and get well and be well and get sick many times throughout your lifetime. However, your genes remain constant throughout your lifetime. Thus, genes cannot be what is causing you to get sick and then well and vice versa.

It is the expression of specific genes which determine whether you are sick or well. You don't express all your genes at any given time, certain genes or genetic recipes are used or not used depending on which are uncovered or covered by what is called the epigenome.

Which genes are covered or not covered is not controlled by genes; it is controlled by signals determined by the habitat you live in and the lifestyle choices you make within that habitat. Healthy choices elicit the expression of genetic recipes which produce healthy structure and function. Unhealthy choices elicit the expression of genes which produce unhealthy or stressed structure and function.


What You Need to Do:

Please take the time to go to and view the short video on the home page of Dr. Chestnut's interview in the documentary 'The Real Skinny on Fat - The Truth About Weight Loss'. The interview offers a very good explanation of the BioLOGICAL laws.

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